Let’s give Divergent credit for what it got right

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I just read a scathing review of Divergent. Now, to be clear, Divergent deserves a scathing review. It was not a well-written book and most of the flaws of the book carried over into the movie.

The world was hard to believe. I’ll compare that to Hunger Games which also had a hard to believe world, but managed to set it up so that I was willing to suspend disbelief for it. I would say, “Why would these people tolerate this?” and then be reminded of the destruction of District 13, of the oppressive presence of peacekeepers and the like. It was enough to make me willing to accept it for the sake of the story. Divergent never managed that. I would ask, “Why would these people tolerate this?” and never get an acceptable answer.

However, despite not liking the book, I went to see the movie. And I went…

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Author Groupie: Learn More about Author Donna Leahey

Author Groupie: Learn More about Author Donna Leahey

Author Groupie interviewed Purple Ink Writer Donna A Leahey

My Ideas Are Waiting for Me to Notice Them.

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Fort Gibson Dam viewed from above Fort Gibson Dam viewed from above

Yesterday, I drove over Fort Gibson Dam to get to a client. The road over the dam is two lane and narrow.  Winter was still dragging on and the trees were all nude. I could see in every direction. At the end of that narrow road, a squat, square tower poked up, and on the other side, the narrow road continued down a steep hill.

And I thought, “That’s a very defensible position. Limited routes of access, great visibility.”

Then I thought, “But what would you be defending against? It would have to be post apocalytic. Zombies? Well, they’re overdone these days, but still a good choice. Oh, you know, no one’s done a werewolf apocalypse – hmmm, I’ll think about that! Vamps? Aliens?.”

That was followed by, “But who’s in the tower. It’s not very big, it couldn’t really hold more than a…

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“We have always fought”

“We have always fought”

The llama analogy is a little tough, but otherwise, excellent.

Press Release for Growing Concerns

Press Release for Growing Concerns

Growing Concerns is a new anthology being released Jan 15 including my short story “The Wisteria”

I am not a female writer

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I am not a female writer. Now, some of you may be saying, “But, Donna, you are a female.”

You’re absolutely right. I am a female. I am also a mother, daughter, and sister. I am overweight, I have curly hair, and green eyes. I like to play computer games. All these things are true, but no one ever expects me to say I’m a plump writer or a green-eyed writer or a gamer writer.

This topic came up one evening over dinner with my fellow Purple Ink Writers. When I stated that I didn’t think of myself as a female writer, one of my friends looked at me as if I’d started speaking ancient Greek.

It’s true that I’m not terribly feminine. I never wear dresses, and rarely use make-up, prefer jeans and a t-shirt to anything else. Comfortable shoes are the rule for me, I don’t even own…

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ENOUGH with the War on Christmas Crap!

Who says we can't say Merry Christmas?

Who says we can’t say Merry Christmas?

I find the strident shrieking about a “War on Christmas” to be more annoying every year.

Last year, it happened – the self fulfilling prophecy. I saw a banner than said “Merry Christmas,” and I got mad.

Settle down, settle down… it’s not what you think.

I didn’t get mad because the very sight of the word “Christmas” made my eyes burn, nor did I get angry at the pretty green banner decorated with holly leaves.

I got mad because as soon as I saw the big, festive sign, I assumed the home owner was making a political statement. I jumped immediately to the conclusion that his sign wasn’t nearly so much about actually wishing me a Merry Christmas as it was about making sure everyone saw that his sign said “Merry Christmas.” I could almost picture him cackling with glee at all those people who want to “Ban Christmas” and “make it illegal to say Merry Christmas!”

And that’s what made me mad – that as soon as I saw the sign, I assumed it was not a decoration, but a political statement. The War on Christmas nuts have stolen Christmas.

Fast forward to this year….

My mother very considerately picked me up some Christmas cards for me to send to my clients. She said it had a cute picture of a puppy on it and I said “Perfect! Grab a couple boxes!” She gets home with them and I see right there on the front of the card the words “Merry Christmas!” So, now I’m not sure if I want to use the cards. Why? NOT because I’m worried about offending anyone with the word “Christmas.” I mean, seriously! A festive card arriving in the mail in December is clearly a Christmas card no matter what words were printed on it in the huge factory in China!

No, I was concerned because I was afraid my clients would then think I was making a political statement, and I try very hard not to make political statements with my business. But now I find myself mystified what I can even put on the card to avoid appearing to make a stand. Maybe a single bell on the cover and nothing but my signature inside? Or an abstract design. Maybe in blue and purple.

What? You think I’m being too sensitive about it? Really?enhanced-buzz-3728-1386012975-27

There it is, in red and white. Liberals say “Happy Holidays,”I guess, therefor, only conservatives say “Merry Christmas.”

And what’s left for the rest of us who would just like to enjoy the Christmas season? Huddling in a corner with our eggnog trying not to make eye contact?

Well, I, for one, refuse to play the “War on Christmas” game any more.

Remember this: The man whose birth Christmas celebrates represented a lot of things, including forgiveness, peace, and love of your fellow man. So I’ll ask you this? What would Jesus do if someone said, “Happy Holidays!” to him. Hmmm? Would he get mad and go on Fox News to rant about it?

No. He wouldn’t. He’d say, “Thank you. You too.”