My Ideas Are Waiting for Me to Notice Them.

purple ink writers

Fort Gibson Dam viewed from above Fort Gibson Dam viewed from above

Yesterday, I drove over Fort Gibson Dam to get to a client. The road over the dam is two lane and narrow.  Winter was still dragging on and the trees were all nude. I could see in every direction. At the end of that narrow road, a squat, square tower poked up, and on the other side, the narrow road continued down a steep hill.

And I thought, “That’s a very defensible position. Limited routes of access, great visibility.”

Then I thought, “But what would you be defending against? It would have to be post apocalytic. Zombies? Well, they’re overdone these days, but still a good choice. Oh, you know, no one’s done a werewolf apocalypse – hmmm, I’ll think about that! Vamps? Aliens?.”

That was followed by, “But who’s in the tower. It’s not very big, it couldn’t really hold more than a…

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