I am not a female writer

purple ink writers

I am not a female writer. Now, some of you may be saying, “But, Donna, you are a female.”

You’re absolutely right. I am a female. I am also a mother, daughter, and sister. I am overweight, I have curly hair, and green eyes. I like to play computer games. All these things are true, but no one ever expects me to say I’m a plump writer or a green-eyed writer or a gamer writer.

This topic came up one evening over dinner with my fellow Purple Ink Writers. When I stated that I didn’t think of myself as a female writer, one of my friends looked at me as if I’d started speaking ancient Greek.

It’s true that I’m not terribly feminine. I never wear dresses, and rarely use make-up, prefer jeans and a t-shirt to anything else. Comfortable shoes are the rule for me, I don’t even own…

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