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Another vaccination rant

I just read yet another argument for why someone doing “their research” (by which I assume they mean they did a google search) suddenly means they know more about vaccinations than a doctor.

Listen – I’m glad you’re going to teach your child to make good decisions so that they won’t make the kind of mistakes that can lead to HPV infection and Hep B infection. That’s awesome and great and I’m sure you’re a wonderful parent for taking the care needed to teach your child NOT to put themselves at risk. That’s great.

Have you considered for even a moment that it might not be your child’s mistake that gets them infected? That it might be someone else exposing your child to Hep B from a bite? Someone assaulting your child (God forbid!) and infecting them with HPV?

Not to mention that teenagers are stupid – they can’t help it – and no matter how much you’ve taught them about the right behavior and the right choices, they STILL might make that one bad choice. Is a death sentence really an appropriate punishment for one bad decision?

And, yes, I AM going to keep bringing up herd immunity. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not a real argument!