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MASSIVELY spoiler heavy comparison of Battle Royale and Hunger Games

Do NOT read this if you have not read one of the books and you intend to. Spoiler heavy.





Gladiatorial deathmatch organized by a totalitarian government



Gladiatorial deathmatch organized by a totalitarian government

Reason Teach the population that they cannot trust one another Teach the population that the government is so powerful that it can do whatever it wants
How the combatants are selected An entire junior high classroom is taken in the most profound secrecy. A male and a female from each of twelve districts selected with huge fanfare in an event projected to all citizens.
How the selection process affects the event This makes it harder for the kids, since they all know each other This makes it a LITTLE easier since a “tribute” won’t know any of the tributes from another district and, given age differences, might not even know the other tribute from HIS district.
How the event is publicized Not at all. The citizenry doesn’t even know the event took place until it’s over. The event is publicized all year, with tours by the winner.During the event, it is broadcast live to everyone.The citizens are introduced to each combatant in a huge spectacle lasting over several days.
The winner Is announced, and then vanishes into obscurity.The government doesn’t really care if there IS a winner. Is a national hero for the entire year.Is vitally important to the government
The love story Is almost non-existent Is a major part of the plot
The Main Character Shuya – a male whose parents are dead and is living in an orphanage and has no strong political feelings Katniss – a female living with her mother and sister who hates her government and is in daily opposition to it.
How the main character was selected He was on the bus with the rest of his class. Volunteered to go in order to save her sister.
Supporting characters Noriko – Shuya teams up with her because his friend had a crush on her. He wants to keep her safe for his friend’s sake. She has a crush on ShuyaShogo – A classmate who teams up with Shuya and Noriko Peeta – another boy in from the district who is in love with Katniss. Katniss does not trust him and they do not team up until late in the story.Rue – a young girl in the games who is from another district.Gale – not in the games, but is also in love with Katniss
Violence Graphic. Toned down, most likely due to its target audience.
The world The story begins on the bus ride which takes the class to the battle and the outside world is not especially well developed. 95% or so of the story takes place in the battle. Is richly developed. The story begins well before the tributes are selected. The Hunger Games themselves don’t start until about half-way through the book.
The Game The kids are just dumped on an island. The only modifications are to turn off the water and power.The only way the government controls the game is by making certain areas off limits to force the kids to keep moving around.All in all, a pretty low tech environment The arena is an extremely controlled environment with engineered traps and hazards.The government has multiple ways to force the kids to stay in motion.A very high-tech, sci-fi type environment.
The win:
(Seriously… don’t read this if you haven’t read the books.)
The government is tricked out of its sole winner/survivor. The government is tricked out of its sole winner/survivor.
The trick is planned and engineered by Shogo. This plan has been in place since well before the battle began. The trick was never planned, it was a spur of the moment decision by Katniss.
Shuya, our main character, doesn’t even know what the plan is until it is already in motion. Katniss, the main character, has survived by her own toughness and determination throughout.
The win involves tricking the government into believing that only Shogo survived. The win involves forcing the government to capitulate and allow two winners when Katniss threatens to leave them without a winner.

There’s more, but I think I’ve made my point.

Really, they share a similar setting. And that’s it.

Also, they’re are both well worth the read.


Oh crap… I haven’t posted since APRIL? SHAME on me!

Ok. I think my problem is I get so damn tired of the way some people “discuss” politics that every time I start to write up another post, I just get exhausted thinking about what the reaction to it will be.

So? Avoid politics? Or just grit my teeth and go with it?